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And the winners of my Divergent contest (Sweden only) are:




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You have all received an email from me!

Thank you all for participating, I've had super fun with this giveaway <3

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A book I once loved, but don’t anymore.

I respect Twilight with all my heart, it's because of Twilight that I'm reading books toda and it's because of Twilight that I have this blog. I have Twilight to thank a lot for.

I loved Twilight. When I first found it I thought it was a piece of heaven pressed on paper.
Forks drew me in like a drug. I was addicted to the mysteries of the woods, and the creatures of night.
Bella Swan captured me with her.... I don't know, but she captured me into obesession. The same obsession she felt for Edward.

Years went by and there was still no book on this Earth that could knock Twilight. And I searched.
Until  I found true literature.

When the Twilght hype died down inside me it kind of dawned that Twilight was, in fact, not at all the best book out there. The book lacked in many places, a lot of plot holes that went by me unnoticed for ages.

But by that time it was too late...

I was addicted to books.
xoxo Lihini


Elanor & Park REVIEW (Swedish and English)

Av Rainbow Rowell
Sidor: 330
Förlag: Berghs Förlag
Finns att köpa på Adlibris

Två ovanliga människor. En oemotståndlig kärlek...Parks tråkiga tillvaro förändras när Eleanor hamnar bredvid honom på skolbussen. Rödhårig, storvuxen och konstigt klädd passar hon inte in. Men de funkar tillsammans. De möts i musiken, i serierna och en längtan bort. En oförglömlig berättelse om den första kärleken mot alla odds!

Vilken annorlunda berättelse. 
Vilket vågat drag.
Vilken kärlek.
Rowell följer inte alls mallen för hur en Unga Vuxna kärleksbok "bör" vara - alls.
Eleanor & Park handlar om den första, men ofullständiga kärleken, men för alltid oförglömlig.
Det är en väldigt fin berättelse. 
Man blir helt varm i kroppen när man läser Elanor & Park. Det är lite som att vara kär i deras kärlek.

Fick berättelsen ett lyckligt slut? Skulle jag verkligen inte påstå. Men det var det som gjorde hela boken. Som en borttappad pusselbit.

Jag rekommenderar denna bok starkt till alla kärleksfanatiker därute, och gamla som unga, för vår första kärlek är inget vi kommer glömma.

Värt att nämna: Översättningen är KANON, bra gjort Carla Wiberg!


Eleanor & ParkBy Rainbow Rowell
Pages: 328
Publisher: St. Martins Press

Set over the course of one school year in 1986, ELEANOR AND PARK is the story of two star-crossed misfits – smart enough to know that first love almost never lasts, but brave and desperate enough to try. When Eleanor meets Park, you’ll remember your own first love – and just how hard it pulled you under.

What a different story.
What a daring move.
What a love.
Rowell does not follow the template for how a Young Adult love story "should" be - at all.
Eleanor & Park is about the first, incomplete love, but forever present.
It's a vivid and quite beautiful story.
You become all warm inside when reading Elanor & Park. It's a bit like being in love with their love.

I highly recommend this book to all love fanatics out there, and old and young, for our first love is not something we will forget.

xoxo Lihini



New day and new week!
I didn't have school today, we had a study day instead, that's a day where you have to study from home, you are not supposed to come to school that day, and that's because the teachers are planning the teaching and they do other teacher stuff on this day. We have about 2 - 3 study days a year :)

I spent this day studying (obviously) and then around lunch I wen't into town to do some shopping. I wanted to find a hat and sunglasses and had to search for FOUR HOURS until I found it.
From H&M

Hectic school day!
Handed in my book analysis of The Jungle Book, TWO THOUSAND WORDS. And that story is barely 20 pages...
When I came home my sister had made us spaghetti with mushrooms and pork, it tasted wonderful!

Sick :( Didn't go to school this day, I stayed home and relaxed, watched some series and just took care of meeeeee

I finished reading Eleanor and Park. Haven't reviewed it yet though, so I won't say so much about it yet ;)

We went to an indian restaurant, we had to wait for the food for over an hour, but apparently that's common in fancy places....

xoxo Lihini


Best Chocolate blog E V E R.

I love chocolate more than I love my left eye.
Yes, I love chocolate THAT much.
I love having chocolate in everything, I supposedly even had chocolate in my tortilla once.
Chocolate is the best snack ever, it doesn't crumble like other snacks does. And that's why it's PERFECT to eat while reading! (actually, chocolate is perfect for every occasion...)

I stumbled upon this blog a few months back and it have SAVED my life. She makes the best chocolate receipts, for breakfast, lunch and dessert. And the best part? All her receipts are  healthy. Yep you read that right. I'm going to show you guys some pictures now from her blog.
nutella fudge  
chocolate oatmeal
chocolate peanut butter frosting
healthy hot chocolate
oreo pancakes
Not convinced ALL THIS could be healthy? Well, see for yourself then! 

xoxo Lihini


The Jungle Book REVIEW

The Jungle Book
By: Rudyard Kipling
Pages: 277
Publisher: Tor Books

This edition of The Jungle Book includes a Biographical Note, Foreward, Preface, and Afterword by Jane Yolen.

I chose to read the Jungle Book for my English book analysis paper :)
I'm glad I did.
The Jungle Book is a collection of short stories, but they all take place out in the wild. The most famous ones are about Mowgli and his adventures in the jungle, how the other animals react to having him there etc.

This is not like the Disney movie version. Baloo isn't as free spirited as in the movie, and Mowgli doesn't really dance around.
It's a very powerful story though, that reflects how our society is build today. If you are looking for a book that will be fun to read but at the same time leave you with a lot of political questions this the book for you to read!

xoxo Lihini


Book nerd problems 101

I found this AMAZING tumblr that seriously describes every fangirls life, every post is right on the spot. She writes about problems book nerds have, here down below are some of my favorite posts :)

Submitted by inky-iris
The kinds of books you read slowly because they deserve to be read slowly, and you never want it to end. 
Submitted by k-popaddiction101
Submitter&#8217;s story must be heard: I remember going into a Louis Vuitton store once with my best friend and my mom. It was my birthday and they wanted to buy me a nice handbag. They picked out one for roughly $270.99, but it was so small so I made them leave the store with me and go to a Marshall’s instead. Then I asked them to buy me a red and white striped backpack instead because I wanted something that could fit all my LotR books.
Submitted by duckyskade
Submitted by fantasymaximum
Submitted by lilava
Doesn&#8217;t matter if it&#8217;s a story, as long as it is a story that matters to you. 
Submitted by reticentavensprimary
This is close to my heart because this is seriously exactly how I finished Paper Towns last week. Go snow days!
Submitted by doughnutandco
Submitted by thegreatgay-tsby

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In need of a new coat

I've loved coats since I was 10. I remember my first coat ever. I got it from my uncle, and I remember that it was from Harrods. It was grey with "teeth" buttons.

Last year I owned four coats and this year I own one, and I can't even wear it yet! I had to throw three of my coats because they were becoming very trashed... I loved them * insert silent crying*

Buuut I'm looking for a new coat, I want to find the perfect one, preferably a hairy one.

decisions decisions....
xoxo Lihini