bam bam bam BAM numer ONE

my number one is someone who taught me that real love is still out there waiting for  me. my number one taught me Its okey to be different. my number one taught me to always be real to yourself. my number one taught me that im stronger than i let myself believe. my number one is my hero. my number one is Simone Elkeles. her books makes my heart jump out from my chest, her books makes me ugly-cry, and her books makes me jump up and down with happiness. once i get my hands on a book written by her i can not put it down until I've finish reading it and THAT is how it should be. she owned my heart after the first book i ever read written by her, perfect chemistry. it was pure love i felt for that book my readers. pure love. and leaving paradise? i cried like a baby. i hate her for making me cry like that because i look really fugly when i cry haha. one day i hope to meet her. either when she comes to Sweden (which i desperately hope she does) or when i visit USA which i will do someday. you know, before i die. 

thank you Simone, for writing such good books.
find out more about her books here

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles
xoxo Lihini

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  1. You are the SWEETEST~you are my #1, Lihini!

    Love you!
    From Simone Elkeles