the future

a time, a place, where no one have been, and no one will see, because when the future is here, its no longer the future. it's the present. but we all still dream about something we will never fully understand. 

i have been thinking about my education. i will finish high school, and probably go to college, but im pretty sure im going to do something completely different than what im educated to do. isn't that a bit funny, that im going to waste maybe 7 years of my life studying for something i know i will probably never do? no? well i think it is. 
i love fashion. now i know what u might think, but fashion for me is not just clothes, or size 0, or caked make up. no. fashion for me is bringing out your soul for everybody else to see. a lot of people wear what they are comfortable wearing around others. it could be just underwear's and it could me clothes that covers all our body parts. just by that you show the world who you are. and going half naked isn't wrong, and so is not going all covered up. it's the way you wear it. your body might wear the clothes, but it is your personality that is keeping them up. and make up and hair... those things are magic for me. if i get my hand on blond long hair, u bet i will do something very beautiful with it. and same with make up. its all about expressing yourself. 
but what i like the most with fashion is that they aloud you to be someone else. 
maybe someone braver than what you really are. 
and that my readers, is magic. 

xoxo Lihini

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