A book I once loved, but don’t anymore.

I respect Twilight with all my heart, it's because of Twilight that I'm reading books toda and it's because of Twilight that I have this blog. I have Twilight to thank a lot for.

I loved Twilight. When I first found it I thought it was a piece of heaven pressed on paper.
Forks drew me in like a drug. I was addicted to the mysteries of the woods, and the creatures of night.
Bella Swan captured me with her.... I don't know, but she captured me into obesession. The same obsession she felt for Edward.

Years went by and there was still no book on this Earth that could knock Twilight. And I searched.
Until  I found true literature.

When the Twilght hype died down inside me it kind of dawned that Twilight was, in fact, not at all the best book out there. The book lacked in many places, a lot of plot holes that went by me unnoticed for ages.

But by that time it was too late...

I was addicted to books.
xoxo Lihini

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  1. Är så spänd på vem som vinner Divergent tävlingen!! :D