New day and new week!
I didn't have school today, we had a study day instead, that's a day where you have to study from home, you are not supposed to come to school that day, and that's because the teachers are planning the teaching and they do other teacher stuff on this day. We have about 2 - 3 study days a year :)

I spent this day studying (obviously) and then around lunch I wen't into town to do some shopping. I wanted to find a hat and sunglasses and had to search for FOUR HOURS until I found it.
From H&M

Hectic school day!
Handed in my book analysis of The Jungle Book, TWO THOUSAND WORDS. And that story is barely 20 pages...
When I came home my sister had made us spaghetti with mushrooms and pork, it tasted wonderful!

Sick :( Didn't go to school this day, I stayed home and relaxed, watched some series and just took care of meeeeee

I finished reading Eleanor and Park. Haven't reviewed it yet though, so I won't say so much about it yet ;)

We went to an indian restaurant, we had to wait for the food for over an hour, but apparently that's common in fancy places....

xoxo Lihini

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