Book nerd problems 101

I found this AMAZING tumblr that seriously describes every fangirls life, every post is right on the spot. She writes about problems book nerds have, here down below are some of my favorite posts :)

Submitted by inky-iris
The kinds of books you read slowly because they deserve to be read slowly, and you never want it to end. 
Submitted by k-popaddiction101
Submitter’s story must be heard: I remember going into a Louis Vuitton store once with my best friend and my mom. It was my birthday and they wanted to buy me a nice handbag. They picked out one for roughly $270.99, but it was so small so I made them leave the store with me and go to a Marshall’s instead. Then I asked them to buy me a red and white striped backpack instead because I wanted something that could fit all my LotR books.
Submitted by duckyskade
Submitted by fantasymaximum
Submitted by lilava
Doesn’t matter if it’s a story, as long as it is a story that matters to you. 
Submitted by reticentavensprimary
This is close to my heart because this is seriously exactly how I finished Paper Towns last week. Go snow days!
Submitted by doughnutandco
Submitted by thegreatgay-tsby

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