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*Popping a Strepsile in my mouth*
*Taking a sip from my cup of strawberry tea*
*Adjusting my headphones*

I'm finally a senior!!!
Last school year took my breath away with all the work, but I survived, I don't know how, but I honestly don't even care. Not a single tad bit. 

Anyway. I'm almost done with High School. Almost. I can practically smell the victory. It feels lika yesterday that I started my first year. My freshman year. 

Sweet years.  
Many people would call me a successful student. I get good grades, I'm friends with almost every single student at out school, I get invited to high-school parties and i'm the president of Mikael Elias Elevkår (student body union). I workout, I blog, eat, chill and sleep. 

How do you manage all that, and keep your sanity in check?
I'm here to make it easier for you. I had to go crazy and depressed to know where the limit goes. I hope you won't have to go trough all of that to find the balance. That's why i'm writing this post. To help you. 

The first step to living a successful life as a student is to get a calender. And plan your life. Not only your exams and homework. If your doing anything after school, any sport, etc. Write it down. Plan it ahead. Then you will actually see if you have the time or not to do everything that you want to do. 
Do not, however get to carried away. Be realistic. It's important to remember that you cannot always be up and about. You have to rest and just chill sometimes too. Many students forget that. 

Staying organized will help you a lot. A messy locker or working area tend to make your life a lot messier. Keep it neat and you will feel better. Trust me. 

Always remember that school IS important. But that doesn't mean that you have to be a "nerd" (I am however a proud nerd). It's all about planning ahead, and knowing WHY you are studying. For me it's all about university. What's it about for you? Even though you don't plan on going to UNI school is very important. It helps you a lot when you're about to get a job etc.

As I've said before - school is important. But so is social life. For a lot of people it's easier to get straight A's than keeping up a social life. And especially in High school. I was blessed to find my school, I haven't met a single mean soul, and I see every student as my friend. I don't care what they prefer to dress in, how they title themselves or who they prefer to sleep with. I'll always be nice to every student. People might have told you that niceness won't get you anywhere, and that is not true. There's a BIG difference in being nice and weak. Learn it. Master it. 
But I know how it is to not have  many friends. My main tip for you is to get involved in something that you care about. Something that you enjoy. It could be anything. For me it was joining the youth council (Middle grade) and then when I began in high school I got active in the Student body union. 

So we've gone trough how important planning is, school is, and why you should stay active and involved in things you enjoy. And why you need to take care of yourself every now and then. But There is one last step we haven't discussed. And it's the most cliche one.

Be yourself. I'm not even kidding. People in grad school didn't like me that much, but I never changed. I knew there wasn't anything wrong with having a loud personality and standing out. And I was right. You will find people who'll love you for you, and so many opportunities will be heading your way because of who you are. Don't miss them by being someone you're not. 

xoxo Lihini


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