Hi loves!

Hope you've had a nice and relaxing weekend (alternative a crazy and adventurous one)

Went to an Italian restaurant in town, my grandparents tagged along.
The food was AMAZING, it was a three-course dinner, I ordered something similar to tapas (but french) as my appetizer, then I had some scampi (I LOVE SCAMPI) as my main course and ordered a chocolate foundat with sorbet for dessert. Yes, it was all amazing. 
The staff was hilarious, I've never experienced THAT great service at any restaurant ever! They would just grab a guitar and other instruments and just walk around the place singing casually.
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My little sister and I :)
(I'm the one to the left in case you were wondering)
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Chill day!
Did some cleaning, and then I went under the blankets with some tea, fruit and a book <3
The book is really thick, 700+ pages. It's the last book in a trilogy and I really want to finish it but I know that I won't be able to give the book all the attention that It'll take to finish it so I'll postpone it for my next break. 

I've started reading Paper Towns by John Green now instead :)

I woke up early! Had some amazing oatmeal topped with berries and milk. Oatmeal makes me so full, I can barely finish a bowl, but I'd be able to eat 4 sandwiches without any problem.

Oh, and I had this with some Chinese flower tea or whatever it's called ^^ (thanks Emelie for hooking me up with the flowers!)
Then I went to the gym and killed my abs! Thinking about going again to do some yoga with the yoga class but I don't know, it's either that or have a nice spa hour followed by relaxation in bed with Paper Towns...

Tell me about your weekend!

xoxo Lihini

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