The Quarterback. Good Bye Finn Hudson.

"This is for you, Hudson."

I never understood the power of death until today. Until that Glee Episode.
He is dead. Finn is not coming back to us.
I realized that at the beginning of the episode and I couldn't stop crying.

I'm not going to write a review of that episode or something like that, because there is nothing really to say. It was perfect.

But I am going to take this moment to thank Cory and Finn.

Thank you Finn Hudson for being the most humble and nicest person.
You were the quarterback, you dated the cheer leading captain, you could SING, and you were the most popular kid at school. You had it all Finn Hudson. You had it all.

But you had something greater than that within you too.
You had a heart.

You were so kind to everyone and you treated everyone like an equal, despite race, sexuality, size, you just did not care.

You became a superhero to the underdogs. People could always count on Finn. Because you were amazing like that.

You were so strong Finn. Not just for you but for others. Your friends loved you. We who watched you every week loved you. Even Sue loved you. We still love you.

You amazed me every time, you know. Not many people would throw away fame to help the people who are social outcasts. But you did it. You did it over and over again.

Despite my tears and that beautiful episode dedicated to you I feel like I got my closure. I think we all did.

Thank you Finn Hudson for the time you gave us.
We will never forget what an amazing person you were
We will never forget you.
R.I.P Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith

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