Hello marvelous creatures!

I'm always complaining about my "amazing" skills in english, but have you ever thought of how bad your swedish is!? Like do you even know how to say "hello"?? So that's why I'm here to teach some necessary words and phrases in swedish! 

                                    Hello- Hej                                                               I'm hungry- Jag är hungrig 

How to pronounce  "Ä" 
Think of a screaming baby!

Have a nice day!- skit på dig!

How to pronounce "Å"
"Oh" but you shape yor mouth like your holding a toothbrush with it!

I love books- Jag älskar böcker

How to pronounce "Ö"
Say "duuh" and skip the "D" and the "H"

What's your favorite book- Vilken är din favoritbok?

City of bones- Stad av skuggor

Meatballs- köttbullar

And The wierdest word of all time..

Island- Ö

Only one letter, wierd stuff man..

Do you have some wierd words and phrases in your language, please comment here below!

From the bottom of my marshmallowcovered heart

// Julia the guestblogger

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