Hey guys!

You might recognize me,my name is Julia and I'm Lihinis BFF!

Lihini is on a little trip for the weekend so I'm the substituteblogger! (wow that was a really long word)
I'm so nervous because I had a blog before, we all had one.. But it sucked,
I mean, it really S U C K E D. So I am pretty afraid all you guys will leave Lihini because of me haha!
Another dilemma is that my english is so bad, but I'm using my dear friend google translate and hopes that this weekend will be good practice for me, I know that our englishteacher is reading Lihinis blog, so that puts pressure on me.

But I'm trying my best and I'm writing directly from my heart.

You guys thought that was bad? Wait for this... The thing I'm going to tell you now is so embarrassing. Okay here we go, I'm not exactly a book lover, but that's just because I'm extremly picky. So maybe you guys can teach me about books and give me some tips !

Heads up, because this weekend is going to be WIIILD!

Hola! This is me 

From the bottom of my marshmallowcovered heart