Music is my drug

My favorite subject!!

I don't know if Lihini ever mentioned music in her blog, so now I have the honor to talk about this for the first time,, premiere!

I absoutely love music, A life without music is not worth living. I love the way you feel the bass notes vibrates in your body and the melody goes through your body directly to the heart. Music can wake many different emotions, it can make you sad when you want to cry, it can make you happy when life sucks and it can make you realize something you never knew before.

Lihini and I have very different taste in music, she listens to old popsongs.. Like "Waka waka" with Shakira, and I listens to like more rock, pop and indiepop, I also love musicalmusic!!

But something that we both love is glee, I'm sure you can always find a song that you both love even though one listens to classical music and the other one to heavy metal.

Here's some favorite songs of mine! (for the moment!)

                                                             Roar- Katy perry 

                                                          Anyway- Cee lo Green 

                                                   I want you back- Jackson 5

                                         Gold rushed- The royal concept

Hope you like it!

From the bottom of my marshmallowcovered heart

// Julia the guestblogger.

ps. This is my last post :( because Lihini is comming home today, Maybe I'll pop up in one of Lihinis posts, who knows! Hope you keep reading my besties blog, because this is her Life and she loves all of her readers,

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  1. I actually hate waka waka. /lillz