And I swear, in that moment we were infinitive

... or tired
I have been reading TONS of books as you might tell with almost a new review coming up everyday...
Im still on vacation although it doesn't feel like a vacation at all, we are aways stressed, we go to sleep at 1am and get waked up at 7 (if we are unlucky mum will come and wake me and my sis up at 6)
My week have been all about dinners, shopping,  weddings,  more dinner, luxurious hotel-visits etc... it might sound awesome but I haven't really gotten yo enjoy it all... right now I just miss my room, my room reflects my inner self,  and I miss my friends a lot too, good thing im going home in 3 days. Although i will miss my grandparents. .
All love from bentota beach hotel, rest at last.  Going for  massage tomorrow,  see you and good night!!

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