Sony Ebook reader PRS-T1

There is no secret that im quite in love with my Ebook reader. I have it with me everywhere, literary everywhere. I'ts the best thing that I own, and I could not be more grateful for it. It have everything that I would wan't in a reader.

There are so many E readers out there, I searched in the ebook jungle for weeks and in the end I had to choose between the Kindle and Sony. I chose Sony. Why? Because the Kindle doesn't support Epub which is a file type, and ALL my books on the reader come in that format.

Epub is probably the most famous Ebook format so it really chocked me that the Kindle would not support that file. they supported Adobe but that can be hard to find.

The Sony Ebook reader have a battery time that last's a month if you read half an hour every day, and 2 weeks if you read one hour every day. It doesn't hurt your eyes to read from the tablet and it's so LIGHTWEIGHTED! It weights nothing, im serious, the first time I held it I thought parts was missing.

The reader serves it's purpose and for me It's just a bonus that you can connect the tablet to WiFi and listen to music from it.

There is a new version out there that you can check out HERE
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