thank you

I wan't to take this moment to thank my readers.
I wan't to thank each and every one of you, yes tat includes YOU who are reading this right now.
I wan't to thank you guys for reading my blog, for putting up with my bad days which usually result's in bad grammar too, I wan't to thank you for being so supportive, but most of all I wan't to thank you for opening up so many doors for me. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't be invited to book blog event's I wouldn't be able to receive calls from authors asking me if I can review their book (I fan girl every time)
Being asked to review someone else's book is so freaking awesome, because that means that they like what you are doing, but I personally review books because I know I have loyal readers who appreciates my work. so thank you.

And I know this might sound a bit weird, but if you ever happen to see me irl don't be afraid to come up to me and talk, that would be amazeballs! I've only had one girl saying "oh, it's you!" and i thought that was pretty amazing!

~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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