meet my boyfriend...

... FOOD <3
as you guys might know I have started with a healthier lifestyle because I wan't to live for more than 20 years  lol... But staying away from my biggest weakness have been HARD, really hard, and just junk food and deserts in general. 
what I do when I feel the craving is that I eat healthier meals instead. I eat until im full and when you are full your stomach is satisfied and you don't feel that craving anymore. this have lead to me eating more, but at least It's good for my system and I know that the food is helping my body instead of breaking it down, like chocolate would do... I do however have "eat what I wan't" days between late friday and sunday, but I eat small portions of sugar between the days, I wouldn't be able to have just one day where I eat whatever I wan't, what would happen then is that I would eat excessively much :D

orange with some cinnamon powder and honey.
I have about ½ tablespon of honey that I mix with 4 -5 drops of
hot water. Then I just drizzle the liquid over. 
had this 5 sec ago, orange, frozen raspberries, 70% cocoa chocolate and
coconut flakes!
bad picture!
banana, cottage cheese with peanut butter on top, and some marmalade juice on the
in the bowl: grapes, avocado, and PB.
I usually don't drink juice but we didn't have anything else ;(
yoghurt, flakes, banana and coconut flakes, green tea and a sandwich!

my favorite meal!
2 eggs, caviar (im from Sweden, we love caviar) sallad, cottage cheese
and 2 slices of ham!

a trip down my tummy...
stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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