Cassandra Clare, international bestseller.

Cassandra Clare. a terrfic author that knows what she is doing. her most famous book, city of bones. It takes place in a world with mundanies *humans*, werewolfes, vampires, faeries, shandowhunters ect. and to make all that work without going all crazy you have to be really good. a lot of author's when they try out something like that they fail, and if they even succeed a bit the book turns out OK. But Cassandra Clare is magical when it comes to her Writing. She writes in such a detailed way that holds you in Place, her way of telling a story is marvelous. even thou even she have had her up's and down when It comes to her books she is at most time awesome

So what is is that disturb be so much with her?

the fact that she doesn't seem to be able to write a book that doesn't take Place in the shadowhunter World.
she have the mortal intstrument series and the infernal devices series and they both take Place in the same World just on different eras. and NOW she is working on ANOTHER book that will *gasp* take Place in the shadowhunter World too!

I don't get why, why does she do this!?
okey Im pretty sure i know why, she is afraid that that is all she can do, and that that is all she can sell, but honestly, i would by her Picture book if she ever wrote one.

author's take risk's they take chances they are not afraid, but then we have Cassandra Clare, working against it all!
I like the things she have written so far, and I know that I will like her new series, but one can only be so good for a period of time, soon even her most loyal fans will disappear.

I know she can do better, she is an artist in what she is doing, and she would gain so much more respect from me if she just tried her boundaries.

random fact: did you know that City of Bones was a fan fic of harry potter at first?

with that im off to Another city.

~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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