dont judge me...

do not judge me, i know I promised a critisized post about Cassandra Clare but my day has been o hectic, i had a math test at school today, and after school I had to take the train to another city, at that city I met a lot of old friends which was both sad and fun because some of my close frends didnt even say hi, anyway, after that i went to another city and had to endure a visit at my mums friends place. im at my grands now, its 9.30pm, and im super tired and this computer is super weird... I have been trying to get ahold of an author to interview, if you have a suggestion just comment it down below. and i can tell u right now that  i wont be able to interview J.K Rowling. sry lads.

stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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