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todays TAG topic is protective parent/ parent's. im raised by my mother so i don't really have that father figure in my life, so i will write parent from here on.

My mother thinks that by going out after 7pm I will be raped. just like that.
and with that im not allowed to do ANYTHING after 7.
All im supposed to do is go to school, get good grades, come home.
I don't even know why I go to school anymore, i find no joy in learning like I used to. the only thing right now keeping me at school are my friends, im serious, i wouldn't even go to school if it wasn't for them.
I don't see the point in getting C and A's in stuff either, since i don't have a goal. I like to live in the now, but how can I do that when what i got now isn't even what I wan't.

I wan't to be able to look back and be happy knowing I had fun as a teenager.
Because i won't be a teenager forever. im turning 17 in a couple of days..

there was a time when i wasn't even allowed to dress as I wanted, and that crashed me, because my clothes are a piece of me. when people look at me they see a well dressed teenager, but my clothes are not just clother to me. My clothes make me take on any identety that I wan't, I can be whoever i wan't to be.

My advise to you guys if you have a parent like me is, show them how you feel. I know from experience talking with your parents might not always work out, if it does, great, but if not, show them. when I get really tired of everything I shut myself down from the world. I don't go to school, I stay at home, in my bed, and I don't talk. I don't do that on purpose to show them anything like that, but i stop hiding, because this is what they get when being so overprotective.

I get that my mother is protective, but I know that she is not only protective, she is also thinking about her culture, trying to raise me that way. there is a limit to everything, and when that limit is crossed i'ts time to speak up.

~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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