the Host - Movie review

When an unseen enemy threatens mankind by taking over their bodies and erasing their memories, Melanie will risk everything to protect the people she cares most about, proving that love can conquer all in a dangerous new world.

I have waited since I was 13 year old for this movie to come out. I knew that this day would come, even thou they didn't know it them self, I knew. They should just have asked me in the first place...
I was so disappointed; I hated the movie it sucked!!... Said by no one ever.

The Host really set the bar high for the coming sci-fi movies this year, magnificent!
I have to give credit to the girl who played Melanie/ Wanda, she was AMAZING! Her acting skills and the blonde seeker too, they were both so great, I really believed that they were something different.
The scenery was so beautiful, they captured every single detail, especially the cave, and it was so well made. I saw the building process on the official Facebook group, and when watching the movie I could not believe what I was seeing, it looked very real.
The relationship between the characters, especially between Ian, Jared and Wanda was very complex. She was two in one, and loved with two hearts. It was hard picking which guy you liked the most, because you could understand the situation and that made me accept them both equally. But, between us, I liked Ian a tiny bit better because I might have had a, oh you know, tiny tiny crush on him since before… like, Percy Jackson before.
I will give this one 3, 5 out of 5
You might think that is low, but that is some seriously good grades, it’s not like books, there is just so much that can go wrong in movies.
The movie would have gotten higher rates if the producer would have taken some chances, I think they could have made one scene in particular more explosive that would make the audience sit on the edge biting our nails off. Otherwise the producer and the screenwriter did great!

that's my man right there!
but I have to say, he was pretty good looking to...

after writing this post I took some time to google the boy's and if they had any gf.. don't judge me, a girl can hope.

and I found this pic
he is a piece on heaven here on earth. I am in love with his looks. and he is taken. he dates the short female that  comes into the movie in the end, and no, that was not a spoiler ;)
ps. I think he will be my celebrity crush from now on.
pps. i do not share.
~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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