hold your horses, what!?!?!

Shards and AshesGripping original stories of dystopian worlds from nine New York Times bestselling authors, edited by Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong.

The world is gone, destroyed by human, ecological, or supernatural causes. Survivors dodge chemical warfare and cruel gods; they travel the reaches of space and inhabit underground caverns. Their enemies are disease, corrupt corporations, and one another; their resources are few, and their courage is tested.

Powerful original dystopian tales from nine bestselling authors offer bleak insight, prophetic visions, and precious glimmers of light among the shards and ashes of a ruined world

excuse my language but, DAFUQ? 
Mellisa Marr and Kelley r probably 2 of the most horrible writers, and they are EIGHT authors writing this book! 

THIS BOOK, this very book..
how is it going to work out? im dying to know, I think it will suck, but i will never know for sure before i read it. will you read it?

xoxo Lihini

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