Im knocked up

... with food. you guys should see me, my belly is so huge after all the food I ate during the last 3 hours, it's like I'm in my third month of pregnancy.
I ate 2 eggs, cottage cheese, ham and a side salad. then 20 minutes later I baked some healthy chocolate balls and they were NAAAASTY, waaah, but I will have to eat them anyway, otherwise my mum will kill me for wasting food, and then after that I had a bowl with a mashed banana, coconut flakes and peanut butter, and last but def. not least I had wok, salmon, and noodles. I don't even wan't to know how much extra my stomach has to work with all this additional food. poor tummy.. my excuse is that we had a killer PE workout class today, it was INSANE, i was so close to vomiting, again, i did vomit the other week when we had PE, I think im working too hard at class, I might have to take it easier, because your body needs that food.
I will upload the receipt of my healty chocolate balls anyway but I will change it up a bit, the way I was SUPPOSED to make them. me and my experiments...

~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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