the Annual Book Sale!

book sales are the best thing ever, like, ever. cheap books is pure awesomeness. Here in Sweden our annual book sale starts 26th February, i don't know how long it last's but maybe for a month or so?
I will be getting one book, a Jodi Picoult book, translated to Swedish because I have to read a book in Swedish...

Second hand stores are great too, I can find really good books there, good as new, im serious, i don't even think people have ever touched the books there, anyway, and they cost like, 20kr! (€2, $1.8) !!!! buying books all the time can be expensive, so i would recommend checking at the sales and second hand stores.
And of course, the library is awesome too, but im afraid that If i read a REALLY good book that i wont be able to keep it, happened to me all the time before, but now publishers are generous enough to give me free books, the perks of being a book blogger ;)
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xoxo Lihini

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