The mortal instrument

Maybe some of you know that the mortal instrument will be film. When I first heard it I was all "ooooh it's going to be the best movie ever! lalala..". That feeling lasted until I saw the cast list. When I saw it I just wanted to puke. Have the producers even read the books? And have the author Cassandra Clare anything to say about the choice of actors and actress? Don't think so. I mean just look at the pictured characters in the books and the actors!

Clary Fray (Lily Collins)
Clary is cute in the books.
Not described as beautiful like an
 angel and hot?

Alec Lightwood (Kevin Zegers)
Maaaabye this will work..But it's just the thing that he is supposed
to look like 17-18 years old and the actors like 28!
Don't know how they will fix that
but I hope they do.         

Simon Lewis (Robert Sheehan)
Aaargh! Idiots all over the place!
Why are they doing this?!
Simon is supposed to be a nerd,
not look like this, ugly and all.

Magnus Bane. (Godfrey Gao)
This might be the only actor that
will actually fit for the roll.

Jace Wayland (Jamie Bower)    
I REALLY hope they are going
to make Jamie look like Jace.
He is one of the most important
characters in the book so I hope
he will fit for the roll.

Valentine Morgenstern (Jonathan
Well what more is there to say?
As you can see Valentine is
supposed to have grey hair and
all. But what do we get?
A kind of good-looking guy in his middle thirty's.


Isabelle Lightwood (Jemima West)
I pictured Isabelle with a kickass body and hot.Jemima have more the 'cute-look'.

The mortal instrument is one of my favorite books. They mean much to me. If they are going to screw the movie up. My pictured characters will be gone! And be replaced by the actors and actress. And I so not want that! Well I guess the only thing is to do is to hope that the movie will be good. But really, I doubt that.
// Linnea

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