stealing her blog for a while

Hi everyone in cyber! As you might know my very beloved friend is going to England for about a week, so I will be doing the blogging. Exiting huh? And now you guys might think; and who are you then? Well, I thought I could tell you that. First of all name is Linnea. I live in Sweden in a little place called Bålsta. Looove it here! It's so small and it feels like living in a box. No actually I don't like it here at all.. Kind of hate it.
 Anyway, right now i'm on my first year in the gymnasium, freshman as it calls. Learning mostly math physics, chemistry and biology. It's really a challenge and I have to study a LOT. But I think it's worth it, cuz it's probably the best education you can have. When I'm done I can do whatever I want and that's really good since I have no idea what I'm going to do when I grow up!  
 On spare time I like to read, I practically worship books. One of the best things to do a rainy day (well, any day actually) is to sit inside with a big cup of rooibos tea, dozens of candles, big pillows, and a thick book. Totally love it! But enough about that, I will talk about books all week. So aside of my book interest I also love my longboard, films, my spotify account, my friends, family and bam, bam, BAM, Jesus. Yes thats true, I am a christian. I could write a mile long text why but I guess that would take whole night.  I am also kind of integrated in politics, find it very important and everyone should care about it! 
 As I said, I love my spotify. That's means that I really like music. I suck at playing music and sing. But that's not the thing. I love listening to music. It can you make feel so many emotions and it's just so awesome! Have a very wide taste when it comes to music. I like everything from Avenged sevenfold to Chopin an Beethoven. But here you have some of my lists!
And here I am, on my way to a syrian wedding a few weeks ago with my sweet friend Maria who is (as u see) not on the pix. 
 Hope you will enjoy my time here on the blog and I will do my very best. Just so you know my english is not the best so you will have to have some leniency with that!
Now I'm going to sleep or else I will fall asleep on my computer, not good. 

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