This is not Goodbye.

Dear reader.

I remember when I made this blog. I was thrilled. Books had long been a big part of my life and I was finally going to start sharing that love over the internet with other people.

At first no one would visit this blog. But that was okay. I loved writing about books anyway, and my poor statistic didn't stop me from doing what I loved. I was doing it for me.

Months went by and more and more people found this blog. Before I knew it TeenBookaLover were the blog that every booknerd talked about - worldwide.

TeenBookaLover started to get recognized in media and I can honestly say that my little blog would grow to become THAT big. But it did.

The "fame" never got to me. Of course it's fun and stuff but reading was still the thing I cared most about.
Reading gives me inner peace and pleasure like nothing else. No food, hug or guy could ever make me as happy as reading makes me.

This is my 634th blog post.
And I'm sad to say that I've lost my passion for blogging somewhere on the road.
I don't know what to write about, school is eating me up these days (months rather) and every day that passes by without a new blog-post makes me feel like a big failure.

I went into town today with my friend and manager Julia to get some drinks and we talked.
That's when I realized something. I'm not blogging for my own sake anymore. I'm not doing it because I WANT TO anymore.

I'm doing it for all of you guys.
My readers means the world to me. They give me so much joy. Every time I get an email or a comment saying how well I manage everything I get tears in my eyes. Every kind word makes me so happy, and it does give me fuel to continue and it makes blogging more fun.

But when people start demanding 1 post a day and get angry with me for updating so infrequently during times when I don't have time or energy.... I feel so bad then. I start to put these people's wish before my own health, and before I know it I'm sitting in a corner crying because of all the stress I'm under. I'm so sorry, but I can't please my "duty" as a book-blogger right now. And I hope that you understand.

My promise to you and myself is this:
I will come back. I love my blog more than words can ever describe. I've created something beautiful, and TeenBookaLover IS my most significant peace of art.

I just need to take care of myself right now and find my passion for blogging again.
But I will find it. And when I do I will be back.

I'll write here again in 2 weeks letting you guys know if I need more time or not.

Until then, take care.

Love always
xoxo Lihini

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