New books!

I got a 31 dollar gift card to buy books for from my grandmother for Christmas last year.
Since I never buy swedish translated books these days (because I get them for free) the bookshops are pretty useless. I love bookshops but not the ones in Sweden. BECAUSE THEIR ENGLISH YA SECTION DOESN'T EVEN COVER A BOOKSHELF. And I've most likely read all the english books they have in store too.

I went to a different bookshop today, and bough myself three books! I'm so excited, I found one English book and the other two were swedish translated but that's okay, I got them SUPER cheap.
Left to right:
Walking Disaster by Jamie Mcguire.
21 dollars (AND IT'S PAPERBACK, ugh international books..)
It's the second book in the Beautiful series, the first book is called Beautiful Disaster

I am the Nessenger by Markus Zusak.
4 dollars (hardcover)
He wrote the Book Thief. The book seemed very interesting so I got it. (review here)

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
6 dollars (hardcover)
Because it's Rowling.

I got I am the Messenger and The Casual Vacancy on sale, 50% off the current sale price!

xoxo Lihini

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