Books I wan't to re-read

What's up with me and late night posts? I have so much going on right now, it's crazy. This week though will probably be a bit calmer. More time to blog *insert happy dance and some twerking*

The Infernal Devices
I've thought about rereading The Infernal Devices series. That is hands down the best trilogy I have ever laid my hands upon. You always notice small details in books you had missed the first time reading it, and I want to know EVERYTHING

The sisterhood of the travelling pants
I grew up with these books. I wasn't always a reader but I think this series was the first series that I actually liked and I think I read the first book at the age of 10. I wan't to feel the nostalgia and just feel the childhood memories flood in my brain.

A Princess Diaries
Mia Thermopolis! God I miss that sweet personality. There are 10 books in that series but promise, they are all amazing. So fun and hilarious.

House of Night 1 - 3
They were great until they came to their 4th book, everything wen't downhill from that point on. The first book though is amazing, great characters and a real suspense story that will have you on edge trough the whole book

xoxo Lihini

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