Physical books VERSUS Ebooks

Let's get right to it.


- You can cuddle with your physical book and pretend it's your boyfriend/girlfriend YAY
~ You can't do that with Ebooks. unless you want a very thin and short boyfriend/girlfriend then go ahead. 

- You are allowed to read 50 shades of Grey on a Ebook. 
~ You are not allowed to read it as a physical book because people will give you THE LOOK

- Physical books are so beautiful to look at it's almost painful, just seeing your collection grow makes us feel completed.
~ You can 315 books on your Ebook reader and no one would know. 

- Ebooks are PORTABLE, you can travel with 2000 books in your jacket pocket if you wish to.
~ We've all had to decide between taking those nice jeans or a extra book with us on our vacation at one point. 

- Ebook readers usually have this build in light that let's us read long after bedtime. 
~ ... Physical books don't

- Physical books have infinite battery time <3

- When a new book comes out you can get it DIRECTLY at 00.00 to your E reader
~ But you can't always get a book at that time in the bookstore so sometimes you ACTUALLY HAVE TO SLEEP AND GO IN THE MORNING

You should watch PolandandbananasBOOKS EBOOK VS REAL BOOKS video because she is awesome and we like awesome people. 

xoxo Lihini

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