My favorite series.

Vampire Academy
The hot rumors about me not shipping Dimitri and Rose.
I  can confirm that that is true.
But nonetheless I still think that Vampire Academy is the best completed book series.

I was hooked from book one. By writing about vampires during the twilight time she took a huge risk, because personally for me, I just atomatically compared every single vampire book with Twilight, and at that time, nothing bet it. But then Vampire Academy came and I threw my Twilight books out the windows!
(no not really, I'm looking at them right now).

What made me love it as much as I did was all the action and the drama. Something was always happening, someones life was always in great danger etc. The thrill was just fantastic.

I do think that every single book in the series was amazing, and that is indeed something unique.

If you haven't read the Vampire Academy series yet and you are looking for a fantasy book with action and some romance in it you should give this one a try!
Find the first book HERE

Movie coming out this year

xoxo Lihini

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