Summary of this year: 2013

What a year.

No I mean it, what a YEAR!

Really good things have happened it my life:

I got invited to Sweden's biggest Literature gala
I started cooperation with the Swedish Divergent (movie) team)!
I got very good grades in school
I started taking driving lessons

... Less great things:
I got a tumor
Physical illness
among other things.

But let's not focus on that. Let's just smile and let go of this year, no matter your ups and downs. I will do that.

Last year I read 50 books. And that was BARELY it. on the 31th I'd read 47 books, but I finished 3 books that exact day before midnight. I had to succeed in my new year challenge ;)

No way on earth would I be able to read more than 50 books this year so I set the same goal
2013 - read 50 books.

Surprisingly I actually made it!
In June.
Yep. In June I finished my 50th book of the year. I still do not know how I managed that, because I could barely make it in 2012 haha.
Wanna know how many books I've read this year?
Dash & Lily's Book of DaresLegend (Legend, #1)Cloak & Dagger (Stuck In 2 Worlds, #1)Ruby Red (Precious Stone Trilogy, #1)Mila 2.0 (MILA 2.0, #1)Of Poseidon (The Syrena Legacy, #1)Divergent (Divergent, #1)The Fault in Our Stars
some books I've reviewed <3

I've reviewed EIGHY books this year, that's more than 1 book a week.
This year I've also written 371 blogposts,   which is more than one blogpost a day.
Don't ask me how I managed school, because I don't know that myself (or the gym, or social life or sleep....)
But I made It all work so who cares really?

I'm also going to take this moment to be sentimental and tell you guys how much I appreciate you.
Every time I read one of these "thank you so much" posts I'm like eegh that's not me they are talking about.
But you wanna know something?
Everytime one of you followers comment I get so happy, just one comment from any of my reads makes me happy. It makes my day to be honest.
Every time a reader comments/writes to me on any of my other social networks I get just as happy. I see you share my posts and how awesome you think I am at what I do etc. and it's so crazy because I don't think that about my blogposts / reviews at all. The fact that you guys see how much time I put into every posts.. words cannot describe how blessed that makes me feel. I have the best readers in the entire world.
And to you who just read my blog day after day (or week after week) without commenting or showing yourself to me, you guys mean eqally much to me as the ones who comment. 
I would not have gotten all these stuff that I've been getting trough my blog without you guys. I don't blog to make my readers happy but I blog because I think it's fun, but this blog wouldn't have been much without actual readers. Without you.

From the bottom of my chocolate covered strawberry heart; 
Thank you. 
Let's have another great year together

For the last time this year
xoxo Lihini

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