Catching Fire Movie REVIEW


This is what happens when you stay true to the book. It becomes a masterpiece. Mr. Lawrence get that (Other directors, TAKE NOTE).
The movie was more than what I expected, a little bit slow in the beginning like the book, but after maybe 40 min things started to heat up. There isn't so much to say about the story other than that they painted everything up better than Picasso could ever do, But what I really want to discuss is the environment.
The districts.
The capitol.
The Arena.
Just about every special scene in the book.
Was made so perfectly.

Everything was pretty much perfect, How the whole world was created just took my breath, away, you can almost SEE the money they put down floating around on the big screen hehe. But as they say, Life is nothing without the different characters we meet. Just as this movie would be nothing without all the actors/characters. I cannot express in words how satisfied I am with the acting. They did ALL an amazing job, the chemistry between Josh/Peeta and Jennifer/ Katniss was very realistic, maybe because they are really good friends irl, I don't know. My favorite new character must be Finnick (Sam Claflin) I loved him in the book too, so I did ave high expectations, I knew that it would be hard to play that characters, beause he IS  deep person, he just doesn't show that, but at the same time we all knew it. Does that make any sense? Probably not. Anyway, Sam did a really great job playing Finick I think, and I'm very excited to see him in Mocking Jay part 1!

xoxo Lihini

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