My Latest Obsession - The Originals

I've been a fan of The Vampire Diaries since it came out, I loved it quite a lot back in the days, other people would call me obsessed, but I call it being religiously dedicated ;)

BUT I've grown a biiit tired of it, is it just me or does everything seems to be about Elena? the new season seems better though.

But then The original vampires got a TV show. Okay I thought, let's check it out.

Bad idea.

Because I love it to a point where it's unhealthy. Like seriously.

The spin of series is so badass I can't even, I think I love Klaus and that right there is messed up. We get to know the originals better and I'm surprised that I grew so fond of them so fast, I used to hate them...

I don't think you need to have watched TVD to understand The Originals, but some things would make more sense if you'd watch TVD before.

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xoxo Lihini

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