Why do we like to drink tea while we read?

Yes why? I'm not a tea-hater, I'm Swedish-Sinhalese so I was practically raised with tea in my baby bottle instead of milk.

But why is it that we connect this light, warm, steamy, flavored and rich beverage with  books? Why do a lot of us feel the need to drink tea while reading a good book?

I'm not God or Charles Darwin, I don't have the answer to everything, I don't even have the answer to this but I'm going to put out my theory here.

When we read a good book we get excited. You start to smile and we get all these feelings we don't know how to handle. This is not a bad thing, but it an get overwhelming. So we go and make ourselves a nice hot cup of strawberry and vanilla flavored tea with some honey and milk, to bring out the best in the tea.

When we read we like to be calm and relaxed. A lot of people read just to feel that calm and relaxed feeling. But sometimes the book can get a bit intense and you need to calm yourself down in another way. And that's when the tea comes in. Tea is known to make us relaxed, It calms you down but doesn't always make you tired, it gives you that calming peace. It opens up your senses in a way.

And that is why I think we drink tea while we read.

I bet you all are going to go and make yourself a nice cup of tea now.

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