Places I wan't to visit - Inspired by books I've read

Greece, Athens
After reading Percy Jackson I got obsessed with Greek mythologies and history, and ever since then I've always wanted to visit Acropolis and Delphi. One day I will.

England, Blackfriars Bridge
If you have read The infernal Devices you know why this place is special. This place holds so many memories, happy, sad and what not. When I closed the last book in the trilogy my first thought was that I need to visit that bridge.

England, Platform 9 3/4
I feel like this a place you just have to visit before you die. I read the first book a couple of weeks age and that feeling just grew.

USA, Forks
Have you ever been a hardcore Twilight fan? I'm sure you have, I was. And I feel like my childhood won't be complete if I don't visit Forks.

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