New Design, Autumn fashion, doctor meeting, and a little message to my English teacher.


I really really like it, the blog seems so much more ALIVE now with personal pictures and everything, and I have to thank the photographer and blog designer, Elvira Gidlund for that. This is her true passion and to me working with people that loves what they are doing makes the whole work much more fun. We came along really well and worked great as a team, so THANK YOU!

I had an appointment at the hospital today, It was a routine check, had to check my heart, I was born with not the greatest heart, some say that's why I have such a cold heart. I tell them to go to hell. Anyway, my heart looked good, I have a small leak but nothing that has to be fixed, so yay, no operation. 

I found out today that my English teacher reads my blog. He said something like "nice pictures" and was referring to the behind the scene pictures. When I asked him if he reads my blog he said yes, like it was the most natural thing to do haha. So yeah, Hi Daniel! I really hope that you don't find my English too bad, I would indeed like to keep my A in English, If that's not too much to ask for :) 

And a shout-out to Julia who have been updating my blog all weekend to see if the new design was up yet. That's what I call a dedicated reader (although she admits that she never read anything, only look at the pictures...)

Glamorous Autumn Fashion in Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate!Floral patterns, leather boots, textured tights, bulky scarf.Korea Fashion Fur Ball Sequins High Collar Shirt
Autumn Fashion by Elisa Gudsteinsdottir on EtsyFall autumn fashion inspiration
Autumn #FashionCute ♥Have you seen the new boot socks? They are usually wool knit socks in neat patterns that keep you warm and give to the aura of a fashion genie. Mariah:)
Winter pastelstheclotheshorse:  Emma of Em’s EdgeRed skinnies + Black pumps
black + goldCream skirt.
Maxi with skinny belt.Love the Pink Jacket!mint + metallic Military cargo jackets + feminine maxi dresses.

Random fact about me: Im Obsessed with Spring / Autumn Jackets. I think I own about 7.

~stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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