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Hey Ho people!

My name is Emelie, and I am one of Lihinis friends/classmates and today I have the great pleasure to write a text for her blog! Ha-ha, I am not exactly great at this whole blogging thing, I had one back in the days when I was young and stupid but it was really bad and that’s the truth. But I am going to try my best to entertain you guys today!

Okay, books. This blog is mainly about books so I should probably right something about them right? Well here it goes all or nothing. I love books, but not as much as Lihini, nobody loves books like she does.
Anyway, when it comes to books I am extremely picky If I start reading a new book and don’t like it right away I give up. So If I am going to read a book it has to be a fantastic one, like the hunger games trilogy! I am soooo hooked when it comes to the hunger games and I have to admit that I have the biggest crush ever on Mr. Peeta Mellark. I don’t exactly know why I love the books so much but you can’t help falling for the characters.

I just love them all except from Gale, I felt so sorry for him in the beginning of the books because he had to watch Katniss pretend to love Peeta (why on earth would you have to pretend to love Peeta?!? I mean have you seen him?) But after a while I just got tired of him. And speaking of the hunger games and hotties, I can’t even begin to tell you all how exited I am for the catching fire premiere this November!

Hmm… enough about my crazy obsession with the hunger games. What else have I read lately? Oh right, another trilogy “Fifty shades of grey”. But don’t judge me right away!!! I actually read them by mistake, believe me. So how did this terrible mistake happen you wonder, well this is how it happened. I was reading a magazine a while ago and I saw this book cover “Fifty shades of grey” and I thought the title sounded pretty interesting ( I thought it was a thrilling detective story or something, my bad) and so I told my mother about it and she bought it for me. Can you imagine her facial expression when I told her what it was about? Joking aside she almost fell of her chair laughing at me.

Well I hope I haven’t bored you all to death with my stories! And no comments on my stupidity regarding the fifty shades incident ;)
Bye bye!

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