TMI: City of Bones Worldwide premiere TOMORROW.

W O W.

I remember going to the library a couple of years back looking for a new book to read. Nothing special, Just anything that caught my eye. 

And I see this muscular body on a boy with blond hair on the cover of a book and I think"wow, isn't he something extra"

I borrow the book and bring it home with me. 

Best decision ever.

The love for TMI grows everyday, with each and every book, every word, every battle, every iratze, every last breath, every first breath...This book have changed my life. 

And to know that TOMORROW this book in movie version will hit the theaters is just so surreal. This book have premiere on friday here in Sweden but still.

I'm excited to the fullest, and no matter what happens the movie won't be able the books for me. But I don't think the movie will suck that much, I think it will be epic. 


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