3 years ago it was announced - a movie company had bought the filming rights to adapt city of bones.

Over a 1000 days later I'm here on my sofa.

I'm different.

Because I've seen the movie now.

And I loved it.

Best night of my year so far.

Everything was PER-FECT,  to every little detail,  and the CAST!!

I still can't believe that I've seen the movie,  it feels so surreal,  I've been counting down for over a year and now the countings over.  Because I have seen the movie. 

I have to tell you guys about the girl who sat beside my friend Linnea, she got mad at us because we were totally fangirling, and when people started to laugh because of something they said in the movie she was like "eeh, why are they laughing" and during the whole thing she said "this didn't happen in the book, that's different,  they missed this" and blah vlah blah.

I think my outfit rocked If I may say so myself.

(With Maria and Linnea)

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