Darkness Divine (four short novels in one book) REVIEW +

Darkness Divine

By P.C. Cast, Geba Showalter, Maggie Shayne, Rhyannon Byrd

Kindle Edition432 pages
Published September 1st 2010 by MIRA

In Divine Beginnings, Healer Aine must chose between treating an enigmatic enemy or letting him die, whilst The Amazon’s Curse could kill the passion that Nola and vampire warrior Zane share. 

Toying with New Orleans Voodoo, leaves Tessa haunted by a sinfully sexy man., whilstlast scion of the dragon clan Rhys is tormented by his desire for Alia as he struggles to fight the Edge of Craving.

This book contains four small novels, and since i've already written a review on the first one, Divine Beginnings which you can find HERE I won't write another review of it.

I liked these novels more or less, I felt that they could really have been turned in to something more, something more deeper. The Amazon's Curse kept talking about an Island that made me very confused, because everything that happent in this short novel was founded from everything that happen't on that Island, I felt left out, and that is very very amateur. you should NEVER make a reader feel left out like that. I give The Amazon's Curse 2 stars because I would love to know what happened on that Island.

Then we have Voodoo which I really liked while reading it, I thought It was something extra, and I wanted to know what would happen later (which I never will because there is no follow up book) but now thinking back I have to admit that everything happen't way to fast. 

Edge of Craving was a bit of a joke, the lead male character was just so funny and not in the good way funny, no I just could not hold myself from laughing at this character, the character never laugh's, never smiles, always mean and grim, etc etc, but of course the innocent girl has to fall for this stone, but hey, oh nono, the guy is not a bottle of negativity after all, he actually likes her and want her body
And the girl is not so innocent after all, very demanding. This was like a fantasy, very very very short version of Fifty Shades of Grey.

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xoxo Lihini

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