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"What do you do when someone you care very much about keeps settling for less? keeps feeding you with lies that things will get better, keep accusing you for wrongs you didn't do and most importantly - keeps taking shit from someone they have to face every day? What do you do when all this becomes all you think off?
You try to talk some sense in the person you really care about.
What do you do if they don't listen?
You scream it out.
What do you do when they get angry and tell you to show respect?

I don't know what you would do, but I would run. I would run and never look back.
every. single. day.
I was scared.
Every. single. day.
I wanted to hide.
Every. single. day.
I wanted to make everything better

but then
I got angry
I felt neglected
Rage took over

and I ran

Because why stay and fight when the person you are fighting for doesn't give a damn shit? Yeah I don't know either" - Author Unknown

love this poem.

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