Teatime with Lihini +

Yay it's teatime! today I will be interviewing Fredrik. He asked me if I wanted some candy one day in school and that is how we became friends. 

Lihini: Hi!
Lihini: How are you?

Fredrik: I’m fine, thank you for asking! How about you?

Lihini: I’m eating a cupcake atm so my quite great. Would you like to tell us who you are and why you are here?

Fredrik: Nope. I refuse. You can't make me!

Lihini: please *big sad convincing eyes*

Fredrik: Okaaay... Hi my name is Karl Olov Fredrik Lundström aka. "The best fucking person in this despicable world"

Lihini: ah, I doubt the last statement, but let's continue anyway shall we?

Fredrik: I’m here because I have a friend, a very short and special friend. Did I mention that she was short? Oh yeah I did. Anyway, this friend has a blog about books and other essential things, and I ended up here since you have been dying to interview me post our little chat!

Lihini: I am not that short!
I could easily take you in a fight, no doubt.

Fredrik: We'll continue whenever you are past my statement of you being short.
Let us put that fight in our schedule after our tea hour on Friday!
We will post updates

Lihini: hahahaha
Lihini: Since I know that you like to read before you go to bed I have to ask you, what book did you read before you went to bed yesterday?
Fredrik: I am actually waiting for a book delivery on Friday, with a book I am dying to read but at the moment I am reading Wuthering heights by Emily Brontë
Lihini: Would you mind sharing WHY you like to read before you go to sleep?

Fredrik: I read before my nap nap cause it allows me to be in charge of my mind and therefore control my ability to sleep. I used to have a shitty sleeping structure with only 4-6 hours per night but now I am able to sleep up to 10 hours if I feel for it. The key is to have a cool down period before entering your real sleep. I read 30-60 minutes before I want to sleep. This requires some structure and planning but it enables me to become a stronger (both physically and mentally) version of me. Reading in a room with low light relaxes the mind and make you feel more at home. You realize how much your mind and body want you to sleep. So reading is more than just reading.

Lihini: You are very smart Fredrik           
Lihini: If you had to pick a book that describes your life the best which book would you choose and why?

Fredrik: I don’t think a book could really describe my life. Since my life is not a book and not yet written down to book-form!

Lihini: do you think your life would be interesting to read about?

Fredrik: Haha! Funny question! That requires a definition of interesting. But my thoughts would be somewhat interesting and rewarding but my actual life is something I choose not to put a title on!

Lihini: I would name it "the life of being Stitch"
Lihini: What is it that you look for in a good book?

Fredrik: It might seem a bit cheesy but I actually look for complex descriptions of love and life as in "The sorrows of young Werther" or "Wurthering heights".
Lihini: Name your favorite character and why.

Fredrik: Easy question! Hands down, without a doubt Bilbo because he is part of a wonderful story with a great psychological evolution!

Lihini: if you say so, I thought it was boring, but you already know that *wink*
Lihini: Have you ever wanted to punch an author in the face?

Fredrik: No but yes! Never thought of it in that particulate way but now that you mention it I do.

Lihini: really, and who would have the honor to be slapped by you?
Fredrik: Stephenie Meyer

Lihini: aw that is mean; she was the one who got me into reading!

Fredrik: Nevertheless I could not finish the first quarter of the first book.

Lihini: the book kind of heat up later on.
Lihini: Let’s play a game, I ask you five quick questions and you have to give me the first answer that pops into your head ok?

Fredrik: Sure thing Short one!
Lihini: Shut up Giant

Fredrik: Frost bitten tree. oh, thought we had started.

Lihini: What would you bring with you if you were stranded on an island, body lotion to keep your skin from drying out or a book of choice?

Fredrik: I think I have to say book but not really sure

Lihini: What character would you love to trade place with?

Fredrik: Also Bilbo!

Lihini: Have you ever cried while reading a book?
Lihini: quick answer big foot!

Fredrik: Kind of a personal question but yes!

Lihini: this interview is all about digging up, I will have you reveal your most embarrassing moments, just because I can
Lihini: I heard a rumor about you last week. Is it true that you can quote the whole 50 shades of grey trilogy?

Fredrik: Sad but true
Fredrik: Is it true that you have a pet elephant called Dumbo that can soar off into the night using his ears as wings?

Lihini: wait, I’m the interviewer, not you. But yes. It’s true.Lihini: would you rather eat up your own foot while it’s still attached to you or would you sacrifice your first born child to the devil?

Fredrik: I would sacrifice a Barbie doll as a decoy to get him out of the underworld so that I can conquer it.

Lihini: good luck with that. I do not think you will be able to pull it out. Sorry.
Lihini: this is a standard question, and I know my readers are dying to know, are you single?

Fredrik: Yes


 Fredrik: oh didn't listen there it’s a no

 Lihini: What a shame, I’m sure there are quite a few ladies out there who have already looked you up on Facebook.
Lihini: Thank you very much Bigfoot for joining us today, and we hope to meet you again very soon! 

Fredrik: Thank you for having me! Good luck with your blog miniperson!

 Lihini: I’m sure who have smaller friends in your life.

~stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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