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F E M A L E   R O L E   M O D E L S

I was inspired to write about this because one of my favorite bookblogaccounts wrote a post about just this. It's a swedish blog www.tonarsboken.blogspot.com.

FEMALE ROLE MODELS... or should I call them fictional role models? Whatsoever I've always had these character that I look up to, I wan't to BE them, not because they seem to have a awesome life, but because of how STRONG they are.

Clary Fray from The Mortal Instruments
In City of Bones Clary's mother dissapears. At that time Clary is also introduced to the Shadowhunter world. She finds Jace, and secrets are revealed. Clary is just 16 years old at this time but she is so freaking determined that she will find her mother. And Clary never EVER stop being determined. Even when everything seems impossible she still fight. If it wasn't for her strong soul the whole world would have gone under. You got to admire a strong soul.

Tris Prior from Divergent
Beatrice Prior. In my mind there are only two life paths for people like Tris. Either she could have ended up being a total loser because she is ashamed of her Divergence, or she could have turned it to something good, like trying to save the world and save us all. she choose the latter.
Being in a room full of people and you just wan't to blend in... yeah, we have all been there. People Notice that Tris is different and some even try to bring her down. She is just human, of course she get hurt, But she never show them how she feels. She always walked with her strongest foot first, and would never budge. A lot of the times she confesses that she is scared but she does is anyway. Tris is genuinely a very nice person, she is nice to everyone. I like that Tris is always on the run of finding herself. I think that is something we can all relate to, but Tris never really "tries". She live her life the way she want's to and just accept what is laying ahead of her

Sydney from The Vampire Academy/ Bloodlines. 
You know why Sydney is one of my role models?
Sydney was rased in a very strict way, she was told that the vampires were the bad guys, NO MATTER WHAT, and they and the humans were the good guys. She learns to hate the vampires and even the thought of breathing the same air as them disguises her at first. But what do you do when you get forced to spend quite a lot of time with them and - God forbid, starts to see them for what they really are? Yeah, being bought up in a special way sets it's roots but Sydney taught me that it is okay to think for yourself. It is okay to have different opinions.

Hazel Grace from The Fault in our Stars
Being a realist. knowing life is short. Enjoying life. Not having a care in the world. Filled with Love. That is Hazel. Hazel must be the strongest character I know of.

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