A star has left us.

I woke up 7:38 today. I don't usually remember the exact time I wake up, but today I did. maybe I new today was going in to the history. Maybe I knew something had happened.
As I said yesterday I wen't to bed feeling sad. I woke up with my heart a bit lightened. It felt good. until I checked my cell.
"R.I.P Cory Monteith we will miss you"
had one Glee fan-site written. I got a bit chocked but didn't think to much about it, assuming it was fake.
Until I saw another post. and another. and another. And then a magazine wrote about it on facebook. I still did not believe it. but then I saw the video the Vancouver police had uploaded. confirming the internet. Cory Allan Monteith was dead.
For those of you who have followed my blog for a long enough time know that I love Glee with all my heart. You know that It's not just a TV show for me. It's so much more than that. The show saved bits of me from my depression and made me feel like I belonged, a little bit at the time, with every new episode. And Cory aka Finn was the freaking sun on that show.
31. 31 years YOUNG and dead. He had his whole freaking life in front of him. a new season of Glee, a new movie coming up, HE WAS GETTING MARRIED IN TWO WEEKS with Lea Michele (Rachel Berry).
Instead of planning a wedding she will be planing a funeral.

When it kind of started to sink in I started crying. My heart was broken. If God could take the brightest stars from our world I saw no hope left.
He is leaving behind too much unfinished business. This is not his time to pass away. So why God, Why did you take him from us? Why did you take this star on a midnight train going anywhere?
I wish I could be with Lea and just hold her and be there for her. Like she have been there for me with every new episode.
R.I.P Cory Monteith. 
R.I.P Finn Hudson.
R.I.P Bright star.
You will forever be in my heart.
I will forever be grateful for what you have done.

I hope I wake up soon and find this all just being a horrible dream.

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