Mila 2.0 ( #1 MILA 2.0) REVIEW

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Mila 2.0 (MILA 2.0, #1)
love the cover!

By Debra Driza 

What do you do when everything you believed in, everything you literary thought you were turns out to be a lie? That’s what happens to Mila, who discovers she is not a human. Not even close. She is an android, built in a lab, to fight for the army’s sake.

What do you do when your world falls apart and a group that wants to kidnap you and sell you and the people who created you are hunting you down?
You run. 

Being an author is about learning from your past mistakes, being ashamed of that first published book they wrote that only their family bought to be nice.

And then we have those who just nail it on the first try. That’s what Debra Driza did. This is by far one of the greatest debut’s I have ever read.

The thing I liked with this book was that I knew that she had put her heart in every chapter. Almost every chapter was artwork.

Debra didn't introduce us to a lot of characters, but the characters that was there was character’s she had put together with care; they weren’t character’s I forgot about, every character made an impression. 
I give this book a strong four out of five. 

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