Books vs Movies (okey, books will always win but we have to keep things feisty

and then we have the movies coming up next year like Vampire Academy (or blood sisters as they like to call it, and mockingjay (one of my fav books!), and DIVERGENT (im jumping up and down writing Divergent) and Delirium ( i haven't even read it yet but im super excited)

all this awesome books, I can't even begin with describing how awesome this movie year is gonna be, Im doing my best seperating the books from the movies so I don't get disappointed which is surprisingly easy since I don't quite even remember any details from the three most exciting movies coming up this year. All I remember is that I gave the book 5 stars and I don't give away 5 stars that easily. except for Catching Fire. I hated that book. but I think I will love the movie. 

I don't know what you guys are saving money for, but im saving up for cinema tickets. 

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