Where did all this free time go?

My usually start with me waking up, visiting the bathroom, putting my clothes on, eat, visiting the bathroom again, out the door, take the car to the train, read on the train, classes, read on my way back home, gym, eat,study, eat, read, sleep.

But uhuh, not these last couple of weeks. School is killing me, I have so much to do before easter break, and I have to balance it all with the gym and so called social life, and on top of all that I don't get ONE minute to read some days. I always meet my friends on the train, even when im not suppesed to, and it would be kind of rude not talking to them when i see them. No one really except for my missed friend and ex co-blogger understands this... Sometimes i take an earlier train to school but my friends give me crap for that lol (yes Jullz, im speaking about you)
Anyway, im sitting on my bed with a book on my lap that i will continue reading now, good night from TeenBookaLover!!

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  1. I so can relate to that my favorite book-best friend! ;*