Stephenie Meyer

I’m sure a lot of you guys have read at least one of Meyer’s books.
She was the one that got me reading, Twilight had me hooked, and I even ditched a test to be able to continue to read the book. Yeah, I was obsessed.

And not only have her books touched my heart, but millions of other hearts around the world.
Every book she has written so far has been made into a movie, and the movies always become the hype of the year. “Stephenie Meyer” and “twilight” is the only thing people have in their mouth’s these days, and especially now when The Host movie was released. I personally liked the Host (book) better than Twilight.

She got the idea to write twilight from a dream. And that dream got her earning millions of dollars every year.
She became really big after the first Twilight movie that came out in November 21th 2008.
And it was during that time she put down the pen. She released her last book in May that year.

I’m grateful that she wrote five amazing books but I’m at the same time very disappointed.

Why does fame do this to great authors? I don’t care what people have to say about her writing, it might not be the best, but her way of telling a story is. The Host had me hooked in place for days, I loved the alien world, and Wanda/ Melanie, and that cliffhanger I remember killed me.

But never would I have imagined that that cliffhanger was it. The end.

Every time someone ask her about It she gives the same male answer “I’m busy with the movies” and I even heard her say in an interview “I’m so busy with my dress that I’m going to wear on the movie awards” WHAT THE ACTUAL DUCK?

Why would someone quit writing, why would someone disappoint readers like that? If she Is tired of writing, if she doesn’t find any joy in it anymore, say so, I can accept that, we are all humans, but why LIE?
No, everyday that goes by without a new book she loses some respect me.

And now that all her books are made into movies, what is she going to do? No excuse anymore  

The Host.jpgStephenie Meyer på San Diego Comic-Con International 2012.

~ stay smart, stay chic
xoxo Lihini

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