my top three favorite magazines!

#3 Posh24
it's an online site but ther recently came out with a magazine. I like the paperquality of it and it's nice colors in it. I feel like they can be a bit late with "new trends" and stuff, and it's not really high fashion or anything

#2 teen vogue
I love Vogue! the magazine is thick with a lot of pages, they do interviews, and it's a lot of teen fashion, and it's a lot of colors going on. The magazine very versatile, there is something new to find for every style

#1 H&M magazine!
This is my all time favorite magazine, and it's free!
I get pictures directly taken from the runaways, and we are talking big runaways such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Vera Wang, Balenciaga, Valentino (my personal favorite, love Valentino!) and new comers as Clover Canyon.
and they have at LEAST 5 pages with street style *swoons*
H&M is always updated when it comes to the hottest fashion, and they are great at finding trend's from the runaway before they hit the street's. I like H&M's magazine a lot because every time i open up the magazine im flooded with inspiration, and as a girl who is very in to high fashion and make it her own, that's exactly what I need. and not only that but they give those tips and trix when it comes to clothes that I would never have thought of otherwise. 
If you are a fashion monster, always looking for new unique pieces, and likes to be inspired I would really recommend this magazine which I think you can find at almost any H&M store!

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