DIY: reuse your old books!

I would never harm my books. ever. even a bad book, no. But I would harm a book i have never read because i don't have that connection with that book you see. if you don't have an old looking book just go to a second hand shop or something and see if they have some, they should have :)

1.hidden storage...

finding the perfect place to hide things can be tricky, and especially if you have a little sister like me, who seem to find everything. but unfortunately for her,  fortinutaly  for me, she hates reading, so what i did was that i opened a book i didn't like, and i hadn't read it, because I got it from someone and it was so not my type of book so I like i said opened it, took out my paper knife and started cutting! if you don't wan't the pages to move you can glue the sides and let the glue sip beneath. 

2. time to change wallpaper!

this one is so cool i shall kill myself.. no but seriously, this wall is so awesome! you use the same technic that u use to change/put on regular wall paper, but don't forget book pages are more fragile!

3. old is gold
How to "age" paper
I would definitely try this out if i didn't have this strange phobia for wet paper.
put the pages that you want to give an old touch on a table, make some coffee and sort of paint the coffee on the paper. wait til it dry and do what you wan't with it or you can for an older touch put the pages in the oven, 200C for 6 min :)

4. where did you buy that picture?

so cool! Use the pages in your printer like any old sheet of paper and print some silhouettes that catch your eye. and frame!

xoxo Lihini

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